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DinPattern Mobile Wallpapers Set 1

November 7th 2016 - Freebies

I’ve finally gotten around to getting a few pattern mobile wallpapers together for you all to dress up your smartphones with. Just share to unlock the download link, and grab any or all of them. The theme to this set is simply “geometry.” If I can get some of these to tile, I’ll add them […]

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How-to: Using Patterns from DinPattern

January 3rd 2014 - News, Tutorials

A quick how-to video regarding the patterns here at Along with a quick tutorial on how to fill areas with a pattern using Adobe Photoshop.

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Sticker Camo

December 20th 2013 - Inspiration, News

Sticker Camo was a result of a Father & Kids art collaboration to create a set of monster themed stickers, which then became a pretty cool pattern.
Sticker Camo Xbox One Controller

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The Kitchen Sink or ALL THE PATTERNS

June 18th 2013 - Freebies

You want all the patterns?! Well here you go – one big zip file of all tiles found here at DinPattern as of June 2013. Get it here

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June 18th 2013 - Freebies

Some random wallpapers I’ve created in the past few months. Feel free to download and use!


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