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Original post September 27, 2007
Bones Apple iPhoneWrap it!
DecalGirl has made “Bones” available as a wrap for your iPhone, XBox 360, and tons of other gadgets. Grab one from their site today. Every purchase helps keep DinPattern alive.

Rumor has it Halo 3 plays much better on a Bones XBox 360*

Available wraps:

*At least, I think so…


  • nice work.i like it so much.

  • nice pattern dude… so far, for me this is most radical pattern…. ^___^

  • I found this website from google and read your posts. I just add your rss to my Google Reader. Keep up your good work friend. I’m Looking forward to read more post from you in the future. Thanks…

  • Nice bones man

  • Fine Food March 10, 2010

    thanks for that

  • sweden June 12, 2010

    love it

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