DinPattern Grunge Brush Set 2 Hi-res

July 17th 2009 - Freebies

More pattern brush fun for Photoshop (CS4). Inside are 5 select patterns turned into vintage, worn brushes for usage on any artwork desired. We’ve taken Haunted, Haunted II, Cellar Heat, Hollyhock and Vintage Walls; roughed them up hires style and ran them through the brush treatment. Enjoy!

Download Now (13mb)

12 Responses to “DinPattern Grunge Brush Set 2 Hi-res”

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    Speed Says:

    Hey man this is awesome!

    Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Rawr Says:

    Wow, this is awesome! Thank you soo much 😀

  3. Avatar
    Su Hall Says:


    I can’t wait to go play with these. LOL They are really cool! Thank you!


  4. Avatar
    Angella Says:

    Hola.. uhmm cómo lo hago pls!?!?

  5. Avatar
    Lori Says:

    These are absolutely GREAT. I am in love…

  6. Avatar
    Julie Says:

    Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful.

  7. Avatar
    Rebecca Parker Says:

    Thanks so much, great site you are extremely kind and talented!

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    Buscar fondos para paginas Says:

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    Sascha Says:

    The last pattern is truely great.

  10. Avatar
    website designer Says:

    really amazed me with your designs …….awesome and playing with them for my clients ..good work

  11. Avatar
    David Says:

    I’m just starting out in web design after a prolonged misspent youth. But I absolutely love your work and detail!

  12. Avatar
    Nichole Says:

    Thank you so much!! You do some amazing work!

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