“Simply Ornate” WordPress Theme

August 3rd 2009 - Freebies

My newest freebie wordpress theme is ready for download. This theme was designed with the main focus being on patterns and typography. It uses patterns from here and comes in 5 flavors.

I tried to make this theme as basic as possible. It uses one plugin (which you can find in the plugin folder within the zip file) to include a flickr feed. Just drop the “flickrrss.php” file in your plugins directory and activate within the dashboard. You can set how many photos appear in the feed, I’d suggest staying with multiples of 4 to keep the design balanced.

The theme also includes a prototype-based tab effect (via stereotabs) that allows users to browse latest posts, comments and tags. The front page is set up to show excerpts of your 4 latest posts, and also includes a mini-nav in the upper right side to allow for page navigating.

The theme also uses a ton of png transparency that does work cross-browser (even in IE 6). Click the thumbnails below for screen shots.

Simply Ornate Twirl II
Simply Ornate Royal Red
Simply Ornate DARK
Simply Ornate Pixel Grey
Simply Ornate Pinkie

Demo Simply Ornate “Twirl II”


Please leave the footer intact as is, with links to both EvanEckard.com and DinPattern.com for usage. Feel free to modify any themes as well. If you do, send me a link so I can check it out — Enjoy!

8 Responses to ““Simply Ornate” WordPress Theme”

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    clippingimages Says:

    Very cool wordpress themes , Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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    Wordpress Theme Says:

    I love this one. Did you add it to STCFX ? I think they are allowing free theme submission.

  3. Avatar
    Arif Says:

    wOW, simple yet awsome theme! thanks!

  4. Avatar
    Jennifer Says:

    amazing theme
    Simple and Stylish
    keep up the good work

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    Fotografia ślubna katowice Says:

    Absolutely stunning! and free:D thank you!

  6. Avatar
    Mostafizur Says:

    Awesome WordPress.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Avatar
    trendmx Says:

    Very impressive, thank you for the freebie.

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    shawon//clippingpath Says:

    Wow standard theme and realy nice….

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