Even more Patterns in the wild…

July 7th 2011 - Inspiration

Here’s another round-up of websites that use patterns in their designs and use them well. Bold or subtle, these are some samples of great design work that integrate patterns.

Studio Sweet Studio
Studio Sweet Studio
I really like the illustrated style and colo palette chosen for the background of this site. Very playful and eye-catching.


Preloaded also uses a nice, darker illustrated pattern.


Another Face In The Crowd Blog
Another Face in the Crowd
A very cool, more realistic pattern used here. Even though it’s a bit busy, it works against the minimal style on the content. Very nice.


Ad Packs
Ad Packs
Ad Packs uses a great subtle, plaid pattern. The color and style work very well with the overall look and feel – much like Americana or a 50’s style picnic.


Shaun Inman
Shaun Inman
Shaun uses a simple grid background, but it works well with the scale along with the 8-bit style of imagery.


Seen more great examples in the wild? Please leave a link below or shoot me a message and I’ll include it in the next round-up. Thanks!

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    tanaman obat Says:

    wow great patterns
    I like the Ad packs One

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    Khasiat Tanaman Obat Says:

    Very very amazing pattern, I like it

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    Khasiat Tanaman Obat Says:

    I like Another Face in the Crowd, Thanks so much

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