Photoshop Tutorial: 10-Minute Pattern Creation

February 22nd 2012 - Tutorials

A tutorial on how to make a background pattern in under 10 minutes in Photoshop. Enjoy!

10 Responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: 10-Minute Pattern Creation”

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    Christine Smith (@csmith_digi) Says:

    Outstanding tutorial – I am excited to use this to create digital scrapbooking papers. Thanks so much.

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    Daniel Scalosub Says:

    Remarkable tutorial! Easy to understand and incorporate.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    BG Patterns « Daniel Scalosub Says:

    […] Here’s the ‘how-to’ video that teaches you in 8 minutes how to create bg patterns […]

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    aron Says:

    Superb! Thanks for sharing.

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    Tiyo Kamtiyono Says:

    That was awesome, great tutorial. Thanks 🙂

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    Maarten Says:

    Really helpful tut! Just created my first own pattern. Thanks a lot for sharing!



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    Emily Says:

    This is an awesome tutorial. I have been trying for years to create patterns and this opens up a whole new world. THANK YOU!

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    louise Says:

    wow this was no help at all there is noting in the first minute in ahalf that says how to do any of whatever the heck he is doing.

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    Maxine Says:

    That was a good tutorial. I respond better to visual guidance so your video was very helpful. Thanks.

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    Ronnielynn Says:

    I feel like my awesomeness level has increased learning this technique. 🙂
    Thank you!

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