Sticker Camo

December 20th 2013 - Inspiration, News

Sticker Camo was a result of a Father & Kids art collaboration to create a set of monster themed stickers, which then became a pretty cool pattern.
Sticker Camo Xbox One Controller

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Design Progression: Pattern “Ruby Sundial”

November 2nd 2011 - Inspiration, Tutorials

Check out a time-lapse video of the creative process behind the pattern

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Even more Patterns in the wild…

July 7th 2011 - Inspiration

Here’s another round-up of websites that use patterns in their designs and use them well.

Another Face in the Crowd

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Patterns in the wild: Examples of great pattern usage in design

June 17th 2011 - Inspiration

Just wanted to do a quick round-up of websites that use patterns in their designs and use them well. From bold to subtle, these are some samples of great design work that integrate patterns.

Redefine Screen shot

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More patterns at WebTreats

January 27th 2011 - Inspiration

Just a quick post about WebTreats, etc. – lots of great seamless patterns there. Take a look»

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Graham & Brown Wallpaper

January 24th 2011 - Inspiration

I’ve been designing patterns for fun for almost a decade now, and wonder why I’ve never come across the Graham & Brown company website. There is a ton of pattern inspiration there to check out.

Graham and Brown Wallpaper

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Textile & Surface Design Blog: “Print & Pattern”

January 17th 2011 - Inspiration

I stumbled across this UK-based blogspot site that keeps a nice, up-to-date feed on textile patterns and prints. Most of the entries are UK artists and companies, and there is a ton of good design ideas and inspiration.

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Patterns at The Design Inspiration

January 12th 2011 - Inspiration

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Another great resource and ongoing collection of patterns can be found over at the design inspiration. They keep a nice record of pattern designs across a dozen or so pattern sites like DinPattern.

The Design Inspiration Logo

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Marian Bantjes & Jessica Helfand: The Bantjes Covers

October 25th 2010 - Inspiration

Stumbled upon a great article and write-up of a book cover design with beautiful pattern work.

I Wonder cover by Marian Bantjes

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The Patterns of Eugene Andolsek

June 23rd 2010 - Inspiration

I received an email this morning with a link to the artwork of Eugene Andolsek and was instantly blown away. Eugene was born in 1921, and in the evenings after returning from work, he’d spend hours at his kitchen table drawing these marvelous pieces by hand and then filing them away in a trunk or closet. They were never shown or exhibited until much later in his life when a caregiver came across his work and talent.

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Artist Kehinde Wiley

February 8th 2010 - Inspiration

In this month’s issue of Juxtapoz, I came across artist Kehinde Wiley and was instantly blown away by his paintings. Wiley is a Yale-grad, Harlem based portraitist that works some downright awesome patterns into his pieces. I still can’t believe this guy can paint these intricate patterns without losing focus of the individual(s) in the artwork.

Kehinde Wiley

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Found Patterns: Target Clearance Aisle

October 12th 2009 - Inspiration

Used my iPhone to take some random shots of interesting found patterns on the Target sale shelves.

Found Patterns: Target Clearance Aisle

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Designer’s Guild – Beautiful patterns and wallpaper

August 3rd 2009 - Inspiration

Stumbled across “Designer’s Guild,” an international design company creating some truly impressive fabrics and wallpaper for all sorts of products and accessories.
Designer's Guild - Beautiful patterns and wallpaper

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Found Patterns – Yogi Tea

July 28th 2009 - Inspiration

Had a craving for some green tea last night, so I grabbed a packet from a box of Yogi Tea I had. I had never noticed it before, but the packaging has some great patterns and packaging design. I was even more impressed when I opened the box and found a pretty unique repeating pattern surrounding a lotus illustration on the inside.

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Pattern Inspiration from Vera Bradley

July 27th 2009 - Inspiration

Looking for pattern inspiration? Have a look at what the most stylish ladies are carrying around these days. Patterned handbags are all the rage from Louis Vuitton to Vera Bradley.Vera Bradley’s been spicing up the wardrobes of people every where for over 20 years.

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Catherine’s Animals

July 6th 2009 - Inspiration

I just stumbled upon a site called “Catherine’s Animals” that has some great animal photography. What caught my eye though, was the settings the animals were in. Behind a majority of the animals are some great patterned wallpapers. The patterns of the wallpapers creates an interesting focal point on the animals.

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